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Politics & Polls #178: Coronavirus and the Economy Featuring Torsten Sløk

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on American life. As people prepare for extended stay-at-home orders, policymakers are looking for ways to mitigate the economic and financial ramifications of the crisis. Congress already passed a $2 trillion stimulus package, and talks are underway for additional relief. But is this enough? In this episode, Torsten Sløk, Julian Zelizer, and Sam Wang discuss the impact the first stimulus bill will have on consumers and businesses, as well as what the economy could look like in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Sløk is the Chief International Economist at Deutsche Bank Securities in New York. Prior to joining the firm, he worked at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and at the International Monetary Fund. He has published numerous journal articles and reviews on economics and policy analysis in publications including the Journal of International Economics, the Journal of International Money and Finance, and The Econometric Journal.

Listen to this episode below.