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Our team seeks smart and savvy guests who offer intelligent, thoughtful perspectives on the current events. Whether you are hail from politics, policy, journalism, academia, or arts, we welcome your perspectives. Email us to be considered.

Our guests engage in contrasting perspectives in areas of politics, policy, journalism, academia, and arts. To name just a few, previous guests include journalists Jennifer Rubin, Marcy Wheeler, E.J. Dionne and Linda Greenhouse; former U.S. Senator Jeff Flake; Valerie Jarrett, former senior advisor to President Obama; former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency David Petreaus; and American authors and activists Amber Tamblyn and Cecile Richards. The show also hosted the Drive-By Truckers, a Southern rock band.

Some of our guests are visitors at the School of Public and International Affairs through its Leadership Through Mentorship Program.


David Petraeus, Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang

Emmanuel Saez with Julian Zelizer